Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Reading Adventure

By Wednesday, August 18th, please post a comment about one of your summer reading books. Include the author and the title.

Please discuss
1. one interesting idea you remember from this text.
2. one lesson that teenagers might learn from your book.
3. your recommendation: what type of person would enjoy this book?


  1. cell by stephen king that assume makes an ASS out of U and ME
    be carful in a zombie apocolyps
    a stephen king, zombie or horror book lover

  2. Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli

    There was a bunch of kids who were thieves that were put in a "ghetto" for Jewishes during WWII.

    That nothing lasts forever.

    Someone who likes an easy to read fast paced semi-interesting book.

  3. i read the books Hiroshima by John Hersey and Night by Elie Weisle. both of these books had a great lesson. the lessons are similar and are that the a-bombs and Holocaust, and it means that the meaning is that in the days when those events happened in history it was during wars, both of them, and they had to do those events for certain reasons. An interesting idea for both of the events is that there were two a-bombs and the holocaust was lead by Hitler. i would recomend these books to people who like history books and books that make you think a lot.

  4. i read the davinci code by dan brown
    one idea i remember is that ther are secret religous organizations. i think that everyone could learn that every thing is not as it seems by reading this book. i think someone who likes mystery and action would really enjoy this book.

  5. I read Skinny Dip by Carl Hiassen
    1. "Joey had felt as helpless as a butterfly pinned to a corkboard."
    2. Be careful who you trust
    3. A person who like adventure books and slightly scary

  6. the book that i read was ninth grade bleads and the thin that i reamber is "vlad your eyes are purple why?" one thing that other ppl can learn from this book is you cant trust a lot of ppl cuz if u do trust some one they can turn on u. my recamendation on this book is peaople that like vampire books will like this book honestly i dont no how other people will like this book because i hate a lot of books but these books are addicting so maybe u will like it to

  7. Over the summer i read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. It is kinda a dull book but a leson is to trust people. i think the bok could be for anyone. Over all its a good book.

  8. I read the "clique" by Lisi Harrison.
    1. Something i thought was interesting was how mean this girls are when they are so young.
    2. One thing teenagers could learn from this, is that being rude wont get you very far.
    3. I think this book is directed to teeenage girls and to give them a lesson!

  9. I read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. The main character never changed who she was just to fit in. An important lesson would be to forgive the people you love and to live each day the fullest. I would recommend this book to people that like a little romance and life lessons.

  10. I read the book Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. This book was a great one and I hope people will try this book and its series; but this is for people who like science fiction books and books like the spiderwick chronicles. Basicallly for people who like books that are fairy tales for older people. In this book there are serverial intresting parts and one is when artims find out that there are fairys and they do posses special powers and a book that he could possibly rule the world with.This book is like a super computer but in writing and it doesn't have a mind of its own.This is a great book and you can definately lean because he never gave up he always look for a true fairy and now he has found one so we can all learn to never give up just like Artemis.

  11. over the summer i read two books, i read my sisters keeper,and Eat,Pray,Love. The book i am going to tell you about is My Sisters Keeper. one interesting idea i remember from the text is when Anna took her parents to court because she did not want to donate her kidney to Kate who has leukemia. One lesson teenagers might learn from this text is that even though you dont want to do something for a family member even if it is in there best interest,you should do it anyway, because if you dont it could come to bite you in the butt, because if your selfish and dont want to do something it is not about you in the end it is about them. The type of person that might enjoy this book is a person who cares about others and is always there for people no matter what happens.

  12. 1 of the books that i read over the summer was my personal best written by John Wooden. This book was about john woodens life from about age 10 to age 80 he talked about his life when he was playing the game. Also the game when he was he was the best coach in the history of the game when he won 11 rings. It would be a great book for a person who loves sports

  13. over the summer i read the notebook by nicholas cage and i read the clique 1.that u do not want to be friends with mean girls 2.friends are always good to have 3.someone that is in a click group or someone who likes a love story

  14. I Read the book Everlost by Neil Shusterman. One interesting Idea in the book was that if a ghost stood in an udead area for to long it would start sinking through the ground. One thing people could learn from Everlost is that you should never take things for granted. The type of person I would recomend this book to is either a teenager or someone who likes mysteries.

  15. Over the summer I got hooked on an award winning author, Nickolas Sparks. One of my favorite books of his and favorite book of all time is called "The Lucky One." Nicholas Sparks is at it again with his romantic and heart warming novels, but in this particular Sparks book he manages to make "The Lucky One," a tale of redemption. Nicholas holds the readers suspense till the very last chapter of the book as the emotions and predictions build up, and in 400 pages of the book Sparks has you till the very end when all your predictions and thoughts change! After reading this book an important lesson hit me, just as it would hit any other teenage reader too. The lesson is that there is ups, downs and mistakes you make in life but never give up because what you are looking for could end up right in front of you so keep your mind open and in the case of "The Lucky One," true love will come just be patient. I recommend this book for girls to read because it is an emotional roller-coaster, which most guys would not enjoy. Also it is a romantic novel and personally I think girls would find it much more enjoyable than 9 out of ten guys you run into. Nicholas Sparks’s fans and girls that like love stories, check out "The Lucky One." You won’t be disappointed!

  16. i read to kill a mocking bird and it was about back how racial discremination occured and how one man changed how you can change and not judge a book by it's cover and in the book a statment that i remember was you never truley understand someone til you walk in there show which really stood out alot.Never judge a book by its cover always been kind to others and encurage people to help one another.well the book has so confusssing stuff in it so i would suggest it to people that are intrested in how one man and his kids can prove a whole town how not to judge a book by it's cover and its also very intesting and weel i recomend it to everyone

  17. I read the biography of Muhammad Ali.
    An interesting idea is always be competitive and passionate but at the same time humble in everything you do in life.

    a good lesson for teenagers is to always belive in yourself when no body else will.

    This good book would be for people who like biographies and sports.

  18. I read a novel called, A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.

    1. An interesting idea in the book is that many people no matter what their size, can make or build anything they want to out of old parts and bits

    2. A lesson that teens might take out of the book is that they should appreciate what they have already. You never know if something worse is going to come along and ruin your life.

    3. The type of person who would enjoy this book would be someone who likes mystery and problem solving. This book contains many secrets and mystery.

  19. Playing with the boys, by: Liz Tigelaar
    Well Lucy tryed out for the soccer team, but she didnt make the team so her coach wanted her to join the football team to play kicker thats why its called playing with the boys. Just because you dont make the team or something thats really important to you that doesnt mean that you are not good and you should try something elese if it doesnt work out. People that would like this book is girls that may be into sports it!! The main idea is if something doesnt work out like making the team try something elese and dont give up or think you arent good at that sport either.

  20. Storm Breaker By Anthony Horowitz
    One interesting idea i learned from this text is that no matter what size you are you can do whatever you put your mind to. One lesson teenagers should learn from this book is that don't look away after you tell a lie, people can tell your lying. The people that should read this book are boys that like action and adventure.

  21. I read the novel "soldiers heart" by Gary Paulson

    1.One interesting idea i remember from the text is how the soldiers did not have any shoes walking in the snow, and hard terain.
    2one lesson that teenagers may learn from my book is that we need to trust others and help eachother out.
    3.I would recomend this book to people that are fascinated in the cival war and people that enjoy adventure books.

  22. Brian's Winter By Gary Paulson

    1. One interesting idea I remember from the text was how Brian was able to survive the whole winter by himself out in the Canadian wilderness when he was only 14 years old.
    2. One lesson teenagers may learn from this book is to trust your instincts and to appreciate the luxuries we have.
    3. I would recommend this book to people that like action packed books and an amazing survival story.

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  24. 1. I read the book called "Golf is Not a Game" by Dr. Bob Rotella. I know that this book wasn't on the summer reading list but I read this out of the enjoyment about wanting to learn more about golf. One interesting thing that I read was that you have to trust your swing in order to hit the ball well. If you think about the swinging mechanics while atempting the ball then you'll over think it it and mess up.
    2. One lesson to learn from this book is to trust yourself and believe that you have confidence of being a great young athlete.
    3. I would recommend this book for anyone that likes golf and wants a clear understanding of courage, confidence, and hard work towards becoming a great athlete!

  25. Rhymes with Witches Lauren Miracle
    1. i remember how the main character went from not being noticed at all in school to being the most popular girl yourself
    3.i think only girls would like this book

  26. Charlie St. Cloud By:Ben Sherwoood

    1:one interseting thing that i remember about this book is that Chralie just has not had the best thirteen years of his life until Tess came around! His little brother Sam had died in a car accident and then he met Tess

    2:Dont take your neighbors car and go to a baseball game with it! something very bad may happen if you dont have your drivers lisence!

    3:I would say someone who loves Romantic books,sad books,action books,and happy books! someone who like a story then your going to get a story out of this book!

  27. The Last Song By Nicholas Sparks

    1. An interesting idea I remember from my book is that how Ronnie felt about her dad when he was sick in the hospital. The way the author described it was very touching and rememberable.

    2. A lesson teenagers might learn from my book is that don't take what you have for granted. And always remember how good your life is because sometimes the people around you might have it harder than they make it seem.

    3. I would recommend my book to girls ages 14-18.

  28. 1 In Black Hawk Down it makes you come back down to earth.
    2 In Decption Point it makes u really think or pay attention or u will get lost like in school
    3 People that would enjoy these two books r people who like the unexpected and people that r realalistic.

  29. i read black hawk down by mark bowden

    one thing that i noticed is how hard it was for the soldiers, and how they didnt get much support from anybody

    what it meant to me was, be happy that good people are willing to die for your freedom and safety

    i think that mostly people who have lots of time and patience and like long hard to follow stories would like this book

  30. Maximum Ride 1 and 2

    they are all like a family to each other and none of them know there original family or names.

    How hard it is for people to be unique and different and treated badly for it.

    Someone who likes fantasy type books and like a good adventure action.

  31. I read "My Persnal Best" By John Wooden.
    1. When I was reading the book one thing that relly stuck with me was that no matter what happens in a game win or lose, make no excuses for your performance. If you gave it everyting you had you shouldn't be disappointed with the result.
    2. One thing young kids could lear from this book was that whatever you are doing give it your best effort and always keep your head high.
    3. If you are a big sports guy or girl you would really like this book or if you are even a John Wooden fan.

  32. I read "Soldiers Heart" by Gary Paulsen.
    1. It would be really scary to be in th civil war.
    2. If you were alive during the time period dont fake your age to get into the army because you loose your childhood.
    3. If you like fast and interseting books or if you like gary paulsen

  33. Over the summer i read a book by Lisa Harrison called "Revenge of the Wannabes". This book has many other books that go with it known as the Clique Books. One thing i remember is Alicia one of the girls is starting her own group without Massie which is the main character in the book. Something that teenagers could learn from this text is that friends come and go but the ones that stay with you are the ones you should keep. The type of person who would enjoy this kind of book is someone who is interested in like dramatic books.

  34. Sweet Little Lies By, Lauren Conrad

    One interesting idea I remember of the book is how Jane felt after she cheated on her boyfriend Trevor.

    One lesson a teenage could learn from this book is to be cool, don't cause drama, and don't cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend.

    I would recommend this book to any girl who is in high school or just ending middle school.

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  37. Small Steps By, Louis Sachar

    An interesting idea I remember from the book is armpit turns his life around with the help of his disabled neighbor

    One lesson a teenager can learn from this is to take "Small Steps" to achieve your goals.

    I would recomend this book to anyone who read "Holes" because it is the sequel.

  38. i read the boy who dared

    Hitler made kids in school learn about notzi religon. he did this so that when the kids grew up they could keep notzis and have leaders.

    that life in everything isnt perfect and you should stand up for what you believe in.

    if you are in the suspense/military then this book is for you

  39. I read twilight, yes, twilight.

    one odd thing I remember from the text is that the vampires didn't eat regardless of their strength.

    teens could learn that curiosity is a dangerous thing.

    I think anyone who likes romance-action (maybe suspense) would like it

  40. Over the summer I read Nicholas Spark's "A Walk to Remember."
    1.One interesting idea I remember from the book is that Jamie was cheerful almost 24/7 even under the circumstances. I wish I knew someone like that. (<-- text to self):D
    2.A lesson that might be learned from this book is that you might be at your death bed but you can do something to be remembered by.You might not do everything you wanted to do before you die but you know that you lived a good life and helped people like Jamie did in the book.That's why she wasn't as sad to die until she fell in love with Landan.
    3. Someone that would enjoy this book would most likely be a teenage girl. It has a bunch of romance in it. But guys would enjoy it too. It tells the story how it might be played out and Landan (the narrorator)speaks the truth about Jamie.

  41. I read the book The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan.

    An idea i remembered was that the main character despite all the troubles that were going on in his life, never gave up on what he was doing.

    A lesson that teens would learn from this book is if you want something, do your best to get it.

    I think someone who likes action and fantasy would like this book.

  42. The Wave by Todd Stasser
    1. An interesting idea was that two friends were split because of a cult.
    2. A teenager would learn to come up with there own independent ideas
    3. Someone who likes historic fiction and is in high school would like this book

  43. I read Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    1. I thought it was interesting how no one could become the oracle till Hades learned to forgive his brothers.
    2. Just to learn to except everybody no matter how different they are.
    3. After reading this book i would reccommend this book to anybody who like mythological stuff.

  44. I read the book The Last Song by: Nicholas Sparks

    1)One interesting idea is that you don't find out that the dad has cancer until Ronnie and Jonah do.

    2)Don't be mean to your dad even if he made a mistake because you never know what might happen.

    3)If your the type of person who likes sad or romantic this book would be perfect for you to read.

  45. one book i read was Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood by Eileen Cook
    1)revenge isn't always sweet, you may really regret ever trying to get it.
    2)don't dwell on things from the past too much it can make you crazy.
    3) probably more for girls than guys

  46. I read lock and key by Sarah Dessen.

    1. One idea I found interesting was the fact that one person can raise a son or daughter with so many wrong ideas about family,friends,school,and the world.

    2. A lesson from this book that would help a teenager is really to just take a chance and don't be set on one idea because it could be wrong.

    3. Mostly teenage girls would like this book more because it does relate more to girls but guys could get into it too.

  47. i read The Last Song By Nicolas Sparks

    1. One idea I found interesting in this book is that the fact Ronnie didn't want to go visit her dad at all, But then ended up building a really close relationship with him.

    2. A lesson that could easily be learned from this book is, no matter what, you're family is always going to be there for you.

    3. I would probablly recommend this book to teenage girls, because The Last Sing does have alot of summer romance and some drama in it.

  48. This summer, i read the novel The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien

    1. one idea that i found interesting was Tolkien's description of how orcs had come to be, it seemed that he was describing genetic engineering far before it came to be.

    2. a lesson that is clearly evident in the book is that no matter how hard times get, your friends will always be there to help you

    3. i would recommend this book to everyone, as long as they can understand outlandish words and medieval sentence structure

  49. The book I read this summer was "Peak".
    1. A fact that I found interesting was that Peak reconized his dad, even though he had'nt seen, or contaced his dad for many years.
    2. The lesson that I think most teenagers would learn is to never give up, no matter how far away or hard a goal is.
    3. The person that would like this book is a person who likes the suspense, or mystery genre of books.

  50. The book I read over the summer was "Black Hawk Down" by Mark Bowden.
    1. One interesting thing that I remember from this book is that most of the soldiers replaced needed equipment with ammo.
    2. I think teens should learn not to assume anything.
    3. I think the person that would be most interested in this book would be someone who likes to read about non-fiction war stories.

  51. Chasing brooklyn:lisa shroeder interesting thing i read from this book was the way Brooklyn let go of her boyfriend and moved on with her life
    2.i think you can move on but you can never forget
    3.i think a dramatic person would love to read this book its about love drama and loss.

  52. I read The Life of Tiger Woods

    An interesting thing i read about this book was that Tiger Woods shot his first under par round at the age of 9.

    I think teens should learn that even the people who you think have the perfect life really don't.

    The type of person that would be most interested in this book would be a person who likes golf and likes to see how good the best golfer in history was throughout there upbringing.

  53. interesting thing i read from this book Freak The Mighty is that it doen't matter how you look on the outside what matters is what's on the inside 2.i think that a teens need to learn that we all are the some but may apear different to other people 3.i think a person would like this book for the bravery andthe lession learned here

  54. the two book i read were two really good books! one of them was "The Hobbit".. that book was one of the very few books that i actually liked.

  55. One book I read over the summer was The Escape From Alcatraz. I thought it was a really interesting book because a guy has been trying to ascape from this prison on this island. He finally did it but he was never found and people think he drounded. The prison is surrounded by an ocean and the water is super cold. I thought it was a really interesting book.

  56. The Ultimate Gift written by Jim Stovall
    1. One interesting thing that I remeber from this book is that a spoiled brat that got everything he wanted was changed into a successful man who gave to needy people.
    2.One lesson teenagers might learn about this book would be not to waste money ever you will always need it in the name.
    3. If you are a person that has goals in life and who wants to be successful this would be a great book for you to read.

  57. over the summer i read Artemus fowl By Eoin Colfer. This book is about a boy wrongly accused of murder and his plan to escape. i would recommend this book to teens because it shows that whatever you put your mind to you can do. that transfers over to adult life so that you don't fail.

  58. i think in four skinny trees and i think that the trees are telling her that she is beautiful, strong, nice, pretty and persistence